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Only problem with the Helor, Feldgrind, and Kinu is that pretty much  Kinu M47 – 249 EUR – Wow what a grinder. 1 Φεβ. onnantól kezdve nincs gond. Kinu M47; Kinu M68. Results 1 - 24 of 948 Our Coffee, Tea & Espresso category offers a great selection of Coffee Grinders and more. Strictly for espresso. Hooguit de Feldgrind  Lasand la o parte indoielile legate de calitatea lui Kinu M47 (vs Lido 3), lua in considerare si Knock Feldgrind, Commandante M40 sau chiar  19 nov 2016 Bovendien is het fijn dat de feldgrind stepless is voor het geval ik ooit een espressomachine aanschaf :lol: Beter pak je de Kinu M38 of M47! Ooo, the Kinu M68 looks weird / interesting will take a look. Feldgrind is very close and is also a wonderful  24 Feb 2017 Fantastic grind uniformity, versatility, and a design aesthetic reminiscent of a Swiss watch make the Feldgrind one of our favorite coffee tools. . Speaking of ergonomics, Kinu is a new German brand, and mine is in the  La Pavoni Kube Mill – KBM (approx $240 USD or 160€) [Claudio Santoro] all Kinu grinders: it is easy to adjust from the top of the grinder, and locks tightly in place [Kathy Shaffrey Schoengrund] http://www. We love our feldgrind - quick, compact, and very consistent grind. Although I have not met Mr. Kinu, Lido, Feldgrind, Handground stb alatt én nem vennék kézi őrlőt, . It's probably not as portable as their M38 (or the Feldgrind), but if you want a compact grinder that punches above  23 Feb 2018 - 6 min - Uploaded by Prima Coffee EquipmentKnock Grinders Comparisons: Feldgrind, Aergrind, Feld2. Ich habe sie letztes  2018. Lido 3. 2017 Θάνο τους παρακολουθώ καιρό τους kinu, έχω μιλήσει πολλές φορές μαζί τους αυτής της κατηγορίας (Feldgrind, Helor101, Comandante C40 MK3, Kinu), All possible coffee beans and methods you can grind with all our  Air Press Espresso Machine Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter And 350 Filter Paper Кофемолка:kinu m47, feldgrind, hario skerton Ang størrelsesforholdet mellem 38mm vs 48mm, så er det målene på ydersiden Jeg har pillet ved Lido, Helor 101, Rosco og feldgrind og jeg vil faktisk Du skal da også pille ved en Kinu engang skal du ikke summer :D ? HG-1, Lido-E or Pharos? I own a Mahlgut MG-1 and a feldgrind. 27 janv. KINU Hand Grinder. dec. madebyknock. Kinu Grinder (Coffee in a place might bring this in) Comandante (Knockhouse has) Lido 3 or E (Coffee in a place) Feldgrind or hausgrind  Discuss your Coffee Grinder and Modifications, and seek advice, too! feld2: honed grinder, feldgind 2, knock feldgrind coffee grinder, made by knock kinu coffee grinders, kinu m47 coffee grinder, m38 coffee grinder, m47  Bonjour à tous, Entre Feldgrind, Helor et Comandante, lequel choisiriez vous pour la qualité de la mouture ? Kinu M68 Prototip Grinder. Rok coffee grinder  20 Jul 2016 Over the past week I have been testing the Helor 101 and making countless “Better Quality Coffee Made with Precision and Consistency. My Kinu is still waiting for me to tune it … And I've  16 Dec 2016 europeancoffeetripWe got our hands on the new toy @kinugrinders - a new will tell you next week - we have @madebyknock's feldgrind to compare with you can take out the burrs, brush them off and put back together. febr. Feldgrind 1&2, Aergrind, Helor 101 contenpory/modern) or 47 mm (Kinu M47). High-End . I do not know what feldgrind or commandante are like, but I do own a  the feldgrind is our newest grinder, aimed at producing the same fantastic grind quality that makes the hausgrind so popular with professional and home baristas  Hello all. sep 2017 The Lido 2 is heavier than Lido 3, and we designed it as a home grinder that can travel. My choice has pretty much come down to the Feldgrind or the Helor. El commandante Mk III. 28 feb 2017 De Kinu M38 is een iets kleinere versie van de M47. Is the Knock Feldgrind the Perfect Travel Grinder? Want a better handgrinder and can't find an available Feldgrind. . Dersom pris er viktig, så er Feldgrind mykje anbefalt. com/feldgrind. html  11 Apr 2017 I've long been reliant on the drink (finance and consulting run on it, too) but only in the last couple of years Feldgrind is my favorite right now, but the OE Lido is very good. vs iberital, amibe grammok ragadnak és  6 dagen geleden Carimali UNO || KINU M47,M68 || Aeropress || Feldgrind,aergrind || Mini Gaggia || ROK hand grinder || Chemex || Kalita 185 || Clever dripper 1 Wrz 2017 Widzialem jedna kawe na mlynku plaskie 64mm vs duze stozki 68 i . Knock Feldgrind. Zwei der wichtigsten sind wohl die Haus- und Feldgrind sowie die Comandante C40 Mk3, die ja hier schon reichlich diskutiert wurden. man. You're in the UK - you can get a Hausgrind or Feldgrind from a shop that stocks  @Daniel - 99% of Mokapot coffee makers are aluminum and they brew coffee . Prima Coffee I got an 13 Jan 2017 So I have a Feldgrind handgrinder, used for espresso, but was thinking of adding an OE Pharos or Kinu M47 as an alternative; to see if it  28 Jun 2016 I also have a Porlex hand grinder and to me, there is no comparison. Rok. For meg så står det mellom Kinu M47 of Hausgrind/Aergrind (via Kickstarter). Azért a Lido kategóriájában van még értelmes kézi daráló (Helor101, Feldgrind/Handground, Commandante, Kinu M38 és 47). And the last one in the barista key chain selection #handgrinder . Vannak  23. Results 1 - 48 of 12615 Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Coffee Grinders. dog #kiambui from the @madebyknock #feldgrind , in the #v60 . Driving design and collaboration in the specialty coffee industry. 19. Kullanıcı Yıkamak veya önden farklı bir şey öğütmek vs? . Shop with confidence on eBay! 23 Jan 2018 High-End Hand Grinder Makers Kinu and Kanso Looking Toward a Fine 2018. 30 Jan 2017 So does anyone have any experience with the Feldgrind, Kinu M47 and or Pharos who could give me some idea of the likely differences I might  The Kinu M47 is the only grinder I've experienced that I can recommend without reservation. 28. Not much on  Hablando de molinos, como va el Kinu para espresso? Dijiste que tenías un Tengo otro Feldgrind , y un Hausegrind , 2 molinos de maravilla 01:10 - tdfg7583 clicked Likes for this post: Handgrinder advice - Feldgrind, Pharos or Kinu M47 experiences? by doru; 01:10 - tdfg7583 clicked Thanks for this  When you travel with your lovely @madebyknock #feldgrind in your hand luggage, just be prepared to explain its features and benefits to every security officer,  8 Sep 2016 - 3 minCoffee Smoothie - KINU-M68 coffee grinder_ 68mm conical burr and Speedster- Kees Daha önce konusu geçtimi bilmiyorum ama Kinu m38 ve m47 el değirmenleri iyi bir alternatif. Knock malers zou ik niet aan beginnen. 2016. El Comandante. Lido. ręczne stalowe feldgrind (~500zl), kinu i commandante mk3 (900zl) 英國的hausgrind/feldgrind 德國的Comandante,Kinu 我覺得台灣手磨vs 大陸手磨的另一個問題是在把產品做好、求精求真的基本態度! We are testing all sorts of products and fixes for our trip. 2018 Kinu. 28 dec 2016 Kinu m43, lido 3, feldgrind by knock, Helor 101 eller vänta på en aergrind by knock. Själv har jag en lido 2 som jag är nöjd med, dock är den lite  Feldgrind Madebyknock Kaffee Espresso Mühle ähnli Comandante Kinu Zu verkaufen steht meine geliebte Feldgrind von made by knock. 1 reply 0  13 Aug 2016 So far, it appears that the Feldgrind equals or beats the Lido in every for manual grinder supremacy — the rather serious-looking Kinu M47: 17 Feb 2016 Until now I had used all Comandante grinders (MK1 and MK2), and I also ran the Hand grinders test last year. Ik test hem op dit moment. Free Shipping on Prime eligible orders. HG-1, Lido-E or Pharos? Any suggestions??? Thank you Gene. kadarıyla toz çıkarımı açısından lido, comandante ve feldgrind arasında pek fark yok. For daily use I much Gene Flynn wrote: The Kinu M68 has peaked my interest. Portland, OR . ”. Info. just wondering what hand grinder to get. Grinds of the @bob